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Cancer cells lamenting και Young soul departing από τον Χ. Εμμανουηλίδη

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon- Nasturtiums


Cancer cells lamenting 

Days of silence passed

hiding our clandestine purpose

beneath layers of normalcy

letting the purple whirls carry us away

in constant quest of new dominions

of somnolent motionless quiescent territories

of irritating calmness.

No, the pulsation in the vein demands fury

mitotic feast of  ecstatic intoxication

feverish tarantella with no boundaries

to awake the premordial spirits

the suppressed voices of the morulas

of the displaced kins of flesh and spirit

to rejoice in the original universal drumbeat

signifying creation and mystery.

Teach this shivering body

liberate it from the killer differentiation

let it dance and grow in

carnal vitality.

And just when our efforts flourish

in dominating the startled and weakened brethren

One step before eternity

the vessel wrecks

nerves and veins erode, torn, withered

exhausted in the frenzy of constant cycling

the feeder beat arrests

our magnificent temple collapses

burying and crushing our toils, leaving

dust and bones.


immortality is too much to bear


Odilon Redon- Barque mystique

Odilon Redon- Barque mystique

Young soul departing

What blind destiny brought you to my door

why are you not playing in the meadows of joy

 chattering blissfully with your friends

why don’t you run into the hug of love

rather than dwelling in the cold embrace of Hades?

Who called you here

Run I tell you, run

beguile fate with your smile

the sun still lurks in your eyes.

Again, if this is the decided road

if like morning hew you are to be liked

as ephemeral ray of happiness

still smile to us sweet angel

brighten our sadness with radiance

with the aftertaste of your presence

with the promise of liberation from our carnal ties

free us from time’s covenance

and let us merge all together

us who loved you, you and your smile



Χρήστος Εμμανουηλίδης

Παθολόγος- Ογκολόγος

Διαβαλκανικό Κέντρο Θεσσαλονίκης



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